Supply Your Customers With Bird Care Products

In recent years there has been a trend of declining garden bird numbers. Many have chosen not to migrate, yet prove incapable of adapting to the winter months. Bird enthusiasts respond by investing in all manner of equipment and feed to attract birds to their garden, and provide for them throughout the year. At Bonnington Plastics we realize that by supplying you with high quality equipment for bird care/feeding you can attract customers and expand your trade.

With a multitude of products available at competitive prices, you’ll be able to find something to satisfy the needs of almost any customer. Our range of bird feeders is diverse, representing a variety of styles to suit any garden requirements. We stock entry level feeders for both small and large seed, depending on the size of bird it’s hoped to attract. More advanced options include features such as dome and mesh defense from squirrels. We offer a wide variety of feeds, from general seed mix to suet and live food, guaranteed to attract a wide variety of creatures and customers.

For those customers who express an interest in feeding birds, bird houses are a popular stepping stone into expanding their interests, and your business. Compared to feeders they attract less birds, but for substantially longer periods of time. Enthusiasts love having permanent residents in their garden, particularly if the birds mate. Offered in a variety of styles your customers will be able to further their hobby with focus on specific breeds, and are bound to return in search of the accompanying products they’ll require, such as feed.

So whether you already stock bird care products, or are considering entering the market, please consider the range of stock we have on offer at


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