Garden Trampolines with Bonnington Plastics

Consumers are always looking for ways to keep their children happy and entertained, and never more so than in the immediate run up to Christmas retailers are currently experiencing. Garden play products are a great way to catch the attention of consumers looking to keep children active, while maintaining a desirable level of safety. In these instances we recommend taking a look at trampolines.

Out trampolines come in eight, ten and fourteen foot variants, able to suit both large and smaller gardens. Considering how unsafe trampolines have been considered in the past, a large netted cage surrounds the mat to keep children from hitting the floor or metal frame.

Trampolines still have an air of excitement and luxury to them, and they sell especially well as birthday and Christmas gifts. Expect to see further sales in the summer when people are looking to spend more time in their gardens, particularly as word of mouth increases demand for the product among children. Netted trampolines are a safe, enjoyable product parents are like to purchase for children, so if you think your customers would have an interest it’s worth investing in a few today.

At Bonnington Plastics we pride ourselves on maintaining an impeccable level of customer service and build quality that will go towards benefitting you in addition to our reputation. We conduct quality control overseas at the source of production, in our office at Ningbo, China. Never hesitate to contact us if you have any questions relating to our products, services, or how we can help your business to expand.

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