Supplying the Season with Garden Games

Weather’s not quite perfect yet, with the horrific blizzards from January still lingering about in a few areas, but for the most part it’s starting to warm up, and the sun is finally beginning to shine again.

It’s been a cold and depressing winter, and it’s pretty safe to expect families are chomping at the bit to get back outside and start having fun, from parks through to gardens. There are a number of excellent products to take advantage of the sunny season rolling around, and garden games are right up there with the best of them.

Larger versions of the board games consumers will have been enjoying indoors over winter, products like giant darts, giant 4 in a row and giant noughts and crosses all make for fun distractions during a barbeque or day out. For slightly older families looking to play more competitive games, we stock both steel and plastic French boules, along with skittles, badminton and garden croquet sets.

Any of these are quick and simple to set up in the garden, and most households will want to have a few ‘outdoors’ games to play with younger children when the weather brightens up. You can’t go far wrong by stocking a few, and you can pick up popular standbys such as Garden Quoits for as little as £3.25 a unit.

As ever, feel free to contact us at any time with any questions and queries you may have.

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