Put a Spring in Your Sales with Trampolines

There are plenty of items you can get in stock to maximise sales during the Spring season. You can count on consumers, especially those with families, desperate to get back outside and start enjoying themselves after a long winter plagued by snowstorms and floods. One of the first places they’ll be doing this is in private gardens, so it’s worth stocking a few luxury products to appeal to families looking to treat themselves.

Among the finest of these are trampolines. They’re a common gift for children on birthdays, and they’re a common sight among families with a little spare space in the garden. We stock trampolines suitable for any size of garden, from 8ft-10ft, ranging from £69.50-£140.00 when bought in pallets.

Parents often buy home play equipment because they perceive it as more safe, so each product features a full safety net to help set their fears to rest. They’re constructed from sturdy galvanised steel, with a heavy-duty polypropylene jumping mat, so you can assure your customers they’re only getting the best standards of quality.

With families looking to get more out of their gardens this spring, it’s always best to have a few luxury items in stock to encourage larger purchases, a niche trampolines are ideal for. As ever, feel free to contact us at any time with questions you may have.

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