Protecting Your Customers with Pest Control

One thing you can count on in the spring is a huge wealth of consumers jumping at the opportunity to get outside. After a frustratingly long winter which alternated between drenching downpours and freezing cold, they’ll be stocking up for the outdoors already in fevered anticipation of the spring.

Of course, getting outside isn’t always as easy as it sounds, with a wide variety of pests and problems which crop up to keep consumers from enjoying themselves. Wasps, for instance, can immediately sour any day in the garden, and even shut individuals out of it.

Getting rid of pests is a huge focus in the spring, so it’s best to stock up on products to help consumers achieve just this. A carton of Wasp Traps come in at £0.62 a piece from Bonnington Plastics, and they’re a great way to pick up extra sales from pre-emptive customers worried about the pests in the season ahead. Hanging from a cord, the user simply needs to bait the trap with fruit juice, encouraging wasps to fly in through the small opening and find themselves permanently trapped.

For a slightly more decorative option, we also stock Large Coloured Glass Wasp Traps at only £1.81 per product, with six to a unit. They come in an attractive yellow and red, and can be baited similarly to the plastic trap.

If you have many customers preparing for the season ahead, wasp traps are an excellent, marketable product to offer.

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