Outdoors Games for an Indoors Season

With the weather getting steadily more inhospitable and the sun becoming a worryingly scarce sight, you can count on people moving indoors to find their recreation. This is understandable, and it’s worth providing products to appeal to customers in an otherwise dreary period. We’ve already discussed the benefits of board games, but it’s also worth reminding consumers that Giant Garden Games are suitable for interior use.

Depending on your customer’s wealth and location they’re more than likely to have enough room to hold the more restrained of these products. Garden Dominoes is likely too sprawling, but giant 4 in a Row uses relatively little floor space, and Giant Noughts and Crosses is fairly simple to set up and work around. Giant Tower uses a similarly small area of the floor, though that’s assuming the children haven’t toppled it yet.

Kids love the novelty of seeing their favourite games in giant form, and many parents appreciate the large pieces that can’t be lost or swallowed. Consumers are unlikely to invest in throwing games like darts or Quoits, but the indoor-friendly products we’ve outlined above make great distractions for house-bound families at Christmas.

So take your time and look through our stock to see what products will appeal to your customers over the next few months. We pride ourselves on providing top quality products and service, with all our goods being rigorously quality controlled at our overseas Chinese office. Feel free to contact us at any time, and a member of the team will be happy to meet your needs in whatever way we can.

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