Maximise Your Spring Sales with Bird Feeding Stands

Spring may have technically begun, but it doesn’t quite feel that way yet, and there’s still time to get in the important products you know consumers will be drumming up interest for over the next few weeks and months.

Bird feeding is obviously a big part of the spring season, and you can expect consumers to be investing widely in different varieties and styles of feeder to best attract the immense variety of garden birds populating the UK countryside and cities over spring.

It’s a huge market, and you’ll want to make sure there’s plenty in stock to satisfy consumers making larger purchases, and point of sale offers like extra feeders and food. We’ve got a wide variety of Bird Feeding Stands on offer at the minute, so browse through and see what would suit your outlet.

The Complete CDU Feeder stand comes with 192 feeders, split between four colours and varieties ranging from seed, nut, suet and fat ball feeders in red, green, yellow and blue. The stand has a total of 120 hooks, so you’ll have no difficulty putting enough variety on display to attract custom.

There are also plenty of feed solutions on display. The CDU Display with Robin Feed is delivered with 192 bags of 0.9kg high-energy robin feed, perfect for consumers looking to get their birds that little more nutrition. All stands come with a full double sided header card, and will look great in store.

Take a look through the stock, and see what’s best for you.

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