Keeping Cool with Fans

Delving ever further into the coldest, darkest part of the year we’re fortunate enough to see a strange phenomenon occur. Despite the slice of the wind and ache of unrelenting chill, we still see people trying to keep cool.

There are reasons ably capable of explaining this, people in communal living areas or offices rarely work to the same temperature. What may be barely warm enough to one individual can prove excessively hot to another. It’s common to err on the side of caution when heating buildings, and it can quickly make some individuals uncomfortable. Fortunately there’s plenty of products to appeal to those wanting to control their own temperature and unable to alter that of the building’s. We’ve mentioned indoors heating devices before, so here we’re going to set aside a little space to talk about fans.

For the offices mentioned above a 12-inch desk fan is often appropriate. People are able to blast a little cool air onto their faces without inconveniencing those around them. At home, the 16-inch tower fan is able to freshen up an entire room or bedroom. Naturally, these products sell less well during the winter, but there’s still a significant enough use for them to be easily marketable.

It’s also worth noting that if presented correctly, they can be sold to those hoping to heat a room up. Anyone wanting to rapidly heat a room but who doesn’t want to invest in the high energy costs of a fan heater can be informed that a fan + halogen heater combo is an efficient way of circulating heat round a room, generating combined sales.

Bonnington Plastics always try to offer you high quality service with sturdy products. Take a look through our stock today, and decide whether we’re the right wholesaler to supply you.

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