Garden Furniture for Every Garden

We have already discussed the British obsession with gardens and gardening. They’re overwhelmingly popular here compared to the rest of the planet, and consumers will happily expend a lot of capital and effort lighting, planting, and maintaining their patch of private countryside. But gardens are rarely a completely private endeavour. They’re used for social events, relaxing, playing and eating. To facilitate all these things it’s worth investing in garden furniture, a necessary fixture for any garden.

At Bonnington Plastics, we can stock you with a wide variety of garden furniture to suit the needs and budget of your customer, ranging from cheaper sets designed for utility through to more advanced, expensive luxury items.

Depending on the kind of company your customers are expecting they will be interested in different products. For those using the space to simply relax or watch nature a small bench will suffice. We offer both entirely wooden, and iron-armed two seat benches from as little as £34, excluding VAT. For couples living alone the “Love Chair” proves popular, two wooden seats conjoined by a multi-use table, perfect for relaxing and enjoying a cold drink.

For families or individuals expecting visitors we offer five and seven piece table and chair sets, ranging in price from £95 to £165. Some sets come with cushions and reclining chairs, if your customers are looking for added comfort.

Finally, we offer a covered, swinging hammock bench, a very popular option for individuals who spend a lot of time in their garden. Surprisingly affordable at only £130 wholesale, it’s always worth keeping a few in stock to encourage customers into purchasing more luxury products.

Whether you already sell garden furniture or are simple seeking to branch out, take a look at our full stock at, and decide whether we’re the wholesalers that can provide the quality and convenience you need.

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