Buying Pet Care Products with Bonnington Plastics

Bonnington Plastics stock over 1,400 products to retailers across the United Kingdom, supplying a wide variety of customers with a wider variety of interests. For those catering to animal enthusiasts, it’s worth investing in our high-quality hutches, to facilitate any consumers who enjoy caring for larger animals.

Bonnington chicken coops cost anywhere between £95.00 to £115.00. Across the UK more individuals are rescuing battery chickens, taking them on as pets or penning them in small, free range farming areas. As an increasingly popular bird to keep at home, it’s worth stocking some coops in anticipation of your customers’ needs.

Along with coops, we can supply your business with more conventional pet equipment. Rabbit hutches are available in a variety of layouts and sizes, and dog beds or cat litter trays can be supplied for consumers preferring to keep their pets indoors. Whether you’re a specialist pet store or more casual retail outlet, rest-assured that Bonnington Plastics will stock some customers that appeal to your customer-base.