Stocking for Pest Control

The UK suffers from an increasing number of pests, that need to be controlled, and at Bonnington Plastics we’re pleased to stock all the products your customers might desire to solve their pest problems on a budget.

Rats and mice are an increasing problem as they develop a worrying resistance to traditional poisons. In this context traps remain a popular and profitable product for controlling the pests. We supply the conventional, lethal trap from as little as £0.62, though many consumers prefer a non-lethal option. For them, you can stock our cage traps, which are harmless and durable at only £6.87. A sonic repeller is a non-contact option for those who don’t want the legal responsibility of disposing of a caught rat, by emitting a noise inaudible to the human ear, yet unpleasant enough to deter and repel rats over a long period of time. For larger pest such as moles and squirrels there are similar trapping options available.

Garden pests are similarly easy to deal with, if you provide the right stock. Wasps, flies, ants and slugs can all be caught and disposed of via specialized bait traps, and are proven to be successful. Those who prefer a “hands on” approach can invest in a handheld bug zapper, which have recently expanded in popularity.

These are all low-cost options to help you attract and keep customers with you for whatever their garden needs might be, allowing you to continue stocking the absolute best value products for consumer needs.

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