Pest Control

Whatever the time of year, there will always be a need for products that combat the intrusion of pests into the home. This need is particularly prominent during the colder months of the year as pests are more likely to take up refuge in our homes in order to shelter from the cold, wet weather.

The intrusion of vermin is always a big factor that needs combating during the colder seasons. Items that appear to be as simple as rat and mouse traps will be in higher demand from consumers during the autumn and winter months.

However, the same could be said for when the weather starts to warm a little. We’re already into February which means spring is just around the corner and the weather will slowly but surely get warmer and more pleasant. Therefore, consumers will be more inclined to leave doors and windows open to let in fresh air, yet other, unwanted company could also be invited in.

Flies are a particular nuisance in the warmer months of the year and it will be a great idea to make sure your store has items in stock that can combat the entry of flies and other annoying insects. Great items to get in for your store are packs of Fly Strips, Electronic Bug Trappers and Wasp Trappers. Take a look at our extensive range of stock online and make sure your store can combat any unwelcome pest.

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