Clearing Out Flies for Your Spring Customers

Spring is quite possibly the most hotly anticipated season of the year. While Christmas might be unparalleled in terms of sales, a long, cold, damp and depressing winter will always cast an incredibly favourable light on the welcome prospect of a little sunshine.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of problems associated with the spring season, not the least of which being an inordinate amount of pests and insects. With consumers looking to hold picnics, barbeques, or generally just enjoy themselves outside in the garden, flies stand in direct opposition to these lofty goals.

Keeping flies off your customers is a great way to generate massive sales over Spring, you can usually count on most households fearing or suffering under flies at one point or another. They’ve got a habit of getting inside the home, so most families will be interest in paper fly strips. We supply them in packs of six, at £0.62 a piece if you’re buying a carton.

For the more ‘hands on’ consumers we’re supplying retailers with four packs of plastic fly swatters. They’re effective and affordable, priced the same as the six packs listed above. They’re a cheap and effective form of pest control, and you can count on your customers taking a sincere interest in them.

If you’re responsible for keeping bugs out of the gardens and homes of consumers you can count on them coming back for more. It’s a huge problem during the spring and summer, so chances are they’ll be looking to stock up already. As ever, contact us with any questions and queries you might have.

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