Support Spring Customers with BBQ Accessories

We’re finally starting to enjoy a little sunshine, and forecasts across the entire country predict we’ll only be seeing more heat in the coming weeks. We’re all familiar with seasonal trends, and it’s time to start preparing for the spring with the products you know customers will be looking for.

Among the common spring trends, such as gardening and pet care, you can expect to see barbeques surge in popularity, likely in the next few weeks as consumers anticipate more temperate weather ahead. BBQ season is a great opportunity to stock both larger products and value accessories, so there’s no excuse for missing out on valuable sales opportunities this spring.

Starting off, utensils and cutlery are a great way of making multiple smaller sales. An 80-pack of wooden skewers goes got £0.47 in a pallet, perfect for preparing kebabs. A set of three wooden handled BBQ tools will set you back £1.09 on a pallet, including a set of food tongs, fork, and spatula slice. They’re a particularly easy sale to make among less-prepared individuals picking up disposable barbeques. When you see sales on your larger, permanent barbeques, it’s easy to include a Brass Bristle Cleaner Brush plus metal scraper, again priced at £0.47 in a pallet.

There are plenty of accessories to sell, include 3kg packs of coal, or disposable BBQ sets in a variety of sizes. Whatever you decide on this season, just make sure you’re not missing out on opportunities.

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