Marquee Christmas Parties

The feel of Christmas is getting constantly thicker in the air, and people will shortly be looking to celebrate. Whether they’re getting active on Christmas, New Year or both, you can count on consumers looking for products to help their parties run smoothly. Just because we’re suffering long nights and cold days doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself to supporting interior parties. There are plenty of products to help make outdoor Marquee celebrations a reality.

While our gazeboes serve well in summer, the winter months are better suited to a large party tent. We stock them in dimensions of both three and twelve by six, though unless you can place the structure against the wall most consumers will be more interested in the larger variant. It features side and end-walls for maximum enclosure, and is perfect for sit-down or buffet events in even the coldest weather.

Combined with heating solutions these become a very attractive option for customers. They are offered protection from the elements, while items such as patio and spot heaters are already popular for heating outdoors areas even without a marquee. You may well expect to see more sales of tent products in the spring and summer, but with the right marketing it’s hardly difficult to generate winter sales.

We guarantee that Bonnington Plastics will always work to offer you the absolute best quality of products and services possible. To achieve this we carry out rigorous testing and quality control at our overseas office, located in the city of Ningbo, China. Remember to always contact us with any queries you might have.

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