10 reasons why your customers need Solar Garden Lights

February sees another great promotion from Kingfisher, this time you can make massive savings on wholesale garden lighting.   The advantages of this offer to you, Kingfisher’s customer are obvious, but here are 10 reasons why YOUR customers should buy Solar Garden Lights:

  1. No need for external wires and power outlets
  2. Solar energy is free!
  3. Environmentally friendly, clean energy
  4. Easy to install – just remove from the box and place where you want it
  5. Immune to power cuts/black outs
  6. Virtually maintenance free
  7. Works even after a cloudy day
  8. Stylish and affordable
  9. Ideal for all year round
  10. Many fun designs make solar garden lights a perfect gift

The solar lights below are all included in our special February offer.  In addition to these we have lots of new additions to the solar lights range for 2014, including Ollie the Owl, Suzie the Snail, Henry the Hedgehog, Timmy the Turtle and Micky the Meercat!  All in eye catching, bright packaging, they are sure to fly off the shelves!  Take a look here.


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