Quirky Birds

Winter is around the corner and we are expecting the arrival of some very special new bird care products.  Top of the list are some brilliantly quirky bird houses made from poly resin.  This material is very hard wearing and is easily moulded into intricate designs, as is demonstrated by the highly decorative additions to the range.  We have a milk carton with ornamental bird resting on top, a finely detailed fishing bag, complete with floats, a 1960s style camper van, and a rustic tractor, to name just a few.  Each bird house is ideal for nesting birds, and has a removable plug for ease of cleaning.  They can be hung from  a tree, hook or bracket with their integral natural jute rope.  They make an ideal gift as well as a functional item for the garden.

Embracing the trend for natural nest boxes, we have also introduced 3 new boxes made from bush wood, bark and moss.  They are highly attractive and will enhance any outdoor or garden setting.




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