Nuts About Nest Boxes

Did you know that Valentine’s Day this year  marked the beginning of National Nest Box week?  All this week, consumers across the country are being encouraged to place bird boxes in their gardens to provide a safe environment for nesting birds.  Now in its 15th year, National Nest Box Week sees thousands of individuals, school children and groups doing their bit for bird conservation, and the demand for nesting boxes is particularly high.  There are already an estimated 5-6 million nest boxes in gardens around the country, with thousands more being put up this week.

According to the BTO, the driving force behind NNBW, natural nesting sites for birds, such as holes in trees and buildings, are fast disappearing, so the more help we can give them, the better.  Here at Bonnington Plastics, we have a huge range of bird nest boxes, and since you can put up a bird box at any time during the year (not just during National Nest Box Week), they are a constant big seller in the Kingfisher bird care range.  Our latest Deal of the Week gives massive discounts on selected bird boxes and, since birds also need to eat, bird tables and bird feeders are also on offer.  All the bird care products below are included in the promotion, which ends 28th February 2014.


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