Kingfisher to launch new range of tasty dog treats

The Kingfisher Family love to bring brand new products to market, and this October sees the launch of 9 brand new tasty dog treats, as seen in the latest edition of Pet Trade Xtra.  With tantalising tastes such as Smoked Ears and Yummy Tripe, these value for money dog treats are high in protein and full of flavour and are a welcome addition to the Kingfisher Pet Care range.

Research shows that in times of economic downturn, consumers are more likely to spend less on their grocery shopping, while not scrimping on treats for their pets, so we are hopeful these exciting new value for money pet treats will fly off the shelves!

The range consists of the following:  Yummy Tripe, Tasty Lungs, Dried Paddywack, Shank bone, Filled Bone, Yummy Ears, Smoked Ears, Tasty Liver and Tripe Filled Bones.

As an added incentive, customers are able to pre-buy from 1st – 31st August for delivery in October 2014.  Prebuy orders are subject to a further 10% off usual prices, meaning customers could save a whopping 30%!.

Orders can be placed by contacting our sales office on 0115 985 4119 or one of our sales representatives.

Kingfisher Dog Treats


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