An important message from Team Kingfisher

Dear Customer

Bonnington Plastics was founded in 1967 and has grown from a small manufacturing company into one of the largest importers of great value gardening, DIY and houseware products in Europe.
Our success has been built upon hard work, dedication and, most importantly, great relationships with loyal customers.

We know what it takes to build a successful business and have always been committed to supporting the continued growth of our customers.

We closely monitor anything which might present a threat to our business or the business of our customers and take a proactive approach in tackling any issue which could damage our common interests.

One of the major issues which we have identified is companies advertising Kingfisher products on sites such as Amazon and Ebay and then supplying cheap, poor quality, substitute products.  Such practices damage our reputation but also affect your business as you are missing out on sales due to the dishonesty of these individuals and companies.

We have invested hundreds of thousands of pounds in an attempt to combat this problem.  Our new in-house legal department are addressing this as a priority and are working in partnership with a specialist team of intellectual property solicitors at Pannone Corporate LLP in order to stamp out this problem.

We take a zero tolerance approach to the infringement of our intellectual property rights and have already issued legal proceedings against companies identified as serial offenders.

We have also developed new software which enables us to monitor sales of our products online and which notifies us when a company which is not one of our customers holds the Buy Button to a Kingfisher product on Amazon, allowing us to take preventative action quickly and efficiently thereby minimising any adverse effects on our own customers.

We will do everything we can to ensure that our loyal customers are not affected by the actions of a small number of unscrupulous companies and request your help in targeting the companies whose actions are affecting your sales.  If you notice companies advertising Kingfisher products and suspect that they may be supplying non-Kingfisher items, we would ask that you contact our legal team directly so that they can investigate your concerns.

Our Legal Counsel can be contacted on the details provided below and will be happy to work with you to resolve any issues where you suspect that companies are making unauthorised use of the Kingfisher brand and adversely affecting your sales.

0115 985 4119 ext. 243

Our investment in an in-house legal function is an added benefit to you as a customer of Bonnington Plastics and we hope that you will find access to this resource helpful as we work together to ensure the continued success of both our companies.

Yours faithfully

Ian Fisher – Managing Director

Bonnington Plastics Ltd

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