Birdcare Pre Buy Offer – ends 30 June 2014

The big birdcare pre buy offer from Kingfisher is now on!  Order now for delivery in September 2014  and save 5% on all bird care products*.  Then take extended credit terms (subject to credit check).

The best selling Kingfisher bird care range includes all the essentials to help our feathered friends throughout the year.  Products include bird tables, bird baths, feeders, nest boxes and a wide range of bird feed and seeds.  We have a huge range of stocks available, so take advantage of this offer now to stay ahead of the competition.

Unfortunately, due to the complex nature of this promotion, it’s not possible to place your bird pre buy online.   To find out more, contact your representative or give our sales office a call on 0115 985 4119.

* The following items are part of the pre buy offer, however, the price you see is the pre buy price – you’ll not have a further 5% off  these items.   All other bird care items will be subject to 5% discount.  (Didn’t we tell you it was complex?)



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