What a load of rubbish!

30_wheelie_bin_linersSpring is traditionally a time for spring cleaning, throwing out the old and welcoming in the new!  That’s why our latest Deal of the Week (running from 15 – 30 April) focuses on rubbish. Whether it be garden waste, or household filth that has built up over the Winter months, all rubbish needs to go somewhere.

Our wheelie bin liners come in packs of 30 and will help keep wheelie bins clean and odour-free. This is particularly important to householders, since most refuse collections are only carried out once a fortnight, and there  is little worse than a foul-smelling wheelie bin outside your front door, especially over the warm Summer months.  At only £1.75 per pack of 30, they are fantastic value.

Our premium bin liners are also on offer. Only £0.44 per pack of 40, with a 70 litre capacity, they make a great pound line and are versatile enough to suit a wide variety of bins.

With the lovely weather we’re having in the run up to Easter, many householders will be outdoors tidying up the gardens – giving their lawn its first mow of the year and cleaning out borders ready for bedding plants.  The Kingfisher 4 wheel tipping action garden cart is a great alternative to a traditional wheelbarrow.  With all terrain pneumatic wheels and folding padded handle, it is ideal for transporting garden waste, grass cuttings, pot plants, tools and  many other items in the garden.

Click here to see all the deals of the week in one place.

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