Drying Inside for Winter

One of the many basic home ware products you can expect to see surging in popularity over Christmas will be designed for drying clothes inside. The fact makes more than enough sense. Even if it’s windy the constant threat of rain and snow is sufficient to deter people from drying their clothes outside. Considering the amount of money being invested into central heating systems over the cold portions of the year you can be certain individuals will want to capitalize on the warmth with Clothes Airers and Lines.

We stock a variety of airing products to suit the customer’s needs, no matter their scale. A Double  Radiator Airer is an effective and efficient product for individuals with less floor space looking to dry their clothes indoors. 3 and 4-tier clothes gates cover more space but can wrap around heat sources effectively, as well as folding flat when out of use.

Our 3-tier Deluxe Clothes Airer maximises storage space while minimising floor use, and is considered to be worth the investment by many customers seeking sturdy design with economical usage.

At Bonnington Plastics we always try to keep our customers satisfied with our high quality products and top-tier service. With our thorough quality control services carried out at the source of production in our overseas office of Ningbo, China, we can guarantee that the products you receive are up to our strict standards. For any questions or wonders you might have, don’t hesitate to contact us to see how we can work to meet your needs.

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