Pets in the winter weather

The winter weather, particularly if it’s as ferocious as it has been in recent weeks, can breed havoc when it comes to looking after our pets and the state of our houses. This is one of the reasons why we may see an influx in the sales of new pet care accessories. There’s nothing worse than muddy paws treading on a white bed cover!

When it comes to the dogs, we’ve got some really great accessories! We stock some adorable pet beds. Our Four Piece Pet Bed Set is a real favourite and can fit in a wide range of pets. These come with a matching range of Four Piece Pet Cushion Sets that look very cute accompanied with the bed set.
Soggy wooden hutches when they’re caught out in the winter rain are never pleasant for pets and they also start to chip away and the wood starts to rot. You may also see more customers purchasing rabbit huts amongst other wooden items in time for a fresher spring.

Take a look at our Pet Care pages for some great products that always sell well!

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