Kingfisher’s a winner!

For many years the Kingfisher family have prided ourselves in providing great quality products at the very best prices.  Our value gardening and watering ranges in particular have been developed over time to offer the very best value with no compromise on quality.

We were therefore delighted to read that our wall mountable retractable hose reel has come top in a product group test carried out by the car news weekly magazine, Auto Express!

A total of 9 well known branded retractable hose reels were tested, to find which one is best when it comes to washing cars.  The testers wanted to find out how easy the hose was to use, with particular attention to how smoothly it pulls out and retracts.  The testers decided that good, reliable performance, coupled with value for money, earned the Kingfisher hose reel top place, beating reigning champion Hozelock to 2nd and 3rd places.

According to the Auto Express experts’ verdict, “Kingfisher balances ease of use, quality and price to win on its debut”.

It’s very encouraging to know that our core values do indeed follow through to our products, as judged by an independent panel, who decided the Kingfisher Retractable Hose Reel “…combines a keen price for an automatic reel with decent build quality”.

Find out more about the Kingfisher range of hose reels and hose reel sets by visiting the Value Garden range here.



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