The Kingfisher Autumn Open Weeks Event – 7 days in!

The Kingfisher Autumn Open Week Event is into its 7th day and is already been heralded a big success!  Attendance is well up on previous years, with a big increase in sales against day 7 of last year’s event.

The Open Event is held each Autumn at Kingfisher House to coincide with GLEE and the Autumn Fair, NEC.   The Kingfisher team invite all their customers, both large and small to the Kingfisher Head Office, where they are treated to a VIP tour of the showroom, plied with food and drink and given the chance to make massive savings on show-only promotions and special offers.  It’s an event all the sales team look forward to each year, because they can get together with customers in an informal, relaxed atmosphere.

What’s new?

This year sees the launch of a brand new Direct Container/Christmas Showroom.  Take a look at this unassuming building below. Doesn’t look much, does it?  Once through the door, though, you enter a world of luxury filled with an extensive range of outdoor garden furniture, arranged in a lifestyle setting.  The showroom includes furniture sets available from stock, and for the first time, a huge selection of items available to buy in containers direct from our factory in China.






Known affectionately by Team Kingfisher as “the shed” or “the tent”, the showroom has been a massive hit with customers, and it’s even more impressive when you consider it took our team of grafters only days to put up.  Just one week ago, the space where the showroom now stands was an empty car park.  Our workmen (headed by the lovely David Beardsley) worked against the clock to erect the structure, and our hardworking buying team pulled out all the stops to set up and label the furniture sets in time for launch day on 3rd September.

The Autumn show also gives us the opportunity to showcase new products, and this Autumn is exceptional, with over 170 new product lines being launched at the show.  These products are across gardening, garden lighting (with our new high spec brand “Dusk to Dawn”) outdoor living and Christmas, and have been well received with many orders being placed this week.

We will be providing further updates as the show goes on, but in the meantime, below are a few snapshots from “the tent” and the main showroom.


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