10 Gardening Jobs for March

With the onset of Spring and (hopefully) the odd warm day, March is the time to prepare the garden for planting. Gardeners will be preparing seed beds, cutting back shrubs left over Winter, planting seeds and generally tidying up.  Below is the 10-point Kingfisher guide to gardening in March, featuring products customers will be wanting to buy this month.

1   Sow hardy annuals in modular trays and propagators

2  Plant summer flowering bulbs, shallots and onions using a handy bulb planter.

3.  Lift and divide hostas and other herbaceous perennials

4.  Cover rows of strawberries to encourage early fruiting using a cloche or grow tunnel.

5.  Plant early potatoes outside in rows, or in large pots or grow bags

6.  Protect new growth on lilies, delphiniums, hostas and other plants such as Autumn sown sweet peas from slugs and snails.

7.  Get supports and canes in early so plants grow up through them, covering them discreetly

8.  Check tree ties and stakes.  Replace or adjust them where necessary

9.  Prune roses before any new leaves unfurl

10.  Cut back ornamental grasses left over winter

Curated with thanks to:  Daily Telegraph, Gardeners World, Doctor Greenfingers, Woolly Green

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