Get on the Garden with Bonnington Plastics

January is slowly but surely coming to an end and February is upon us! February really has the power to brighten the smiles of everyone’s faces as we realise we’re descending into spring.

February is the perfect month to start focusing on brightening up the garden and doing some bulb planting which means the gardening tools on your customers will definitely need an update and you’ll see an influx of people investing in tools to make getting out and doing some planting that big easier.

We’ve got a huge range of gardening tools and accessories that are more than worth a look when it comes to having some extra stock for your shop so you can keep up with the demands of your customers in the season of abundance – spring!

Your customers will tend to do a lot of digging in the coming month. They will dig over existing borders in order to lay new soil for new bulbs so it may help you to think about the types of tools needed to do this.

The types of bulbs that tend to be planted in February are heathers, primroses, lilies and dahlias. Happy planting!

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