9 July Gardening Jobs

July is almost upon us and is promising to get off to a warm start.  While now is the time for householders to enjoy their gardens, there are still some jobs to be done, in between BBQ’s and relaxing on their outdoor furniture sets.  Below are the pick of the crop.

1.  Plant Autumn flowering bulbs such as Amaryllis and crocus.

2.  Cut back plants in baskets and feed to encourage new growth.

3.  Water hanging baskets and containers daily so they never run dry,

4.  Tie in climbers and ramblers as they grow.

5.  Make sure newly planted trees and shrubs don’t dry out.

6.  If lawns are infested by ants, brush out the nests on the day before mowing, and put down ant bait traps.

7. Oxygen levels decrease in humid conditions, so leave pond pumps and water features on over night.

8.  Cover ponds with nets or safety grills where there are young children present.

9.  Keep fruit bushes covered with netting and secure at ground level to protect from birds.

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