9 Gardening Jobs for May

With 2 Bank Holidays and the end of early morning frosts, coupled with warm weather and light evenings, May really is the month where Spring comes alive.  It’s now time to put out bedding plants and prepare the garden for the coming summer months and every gardener or householder will be needing to get stuck in in some way or other.  Below are Nine Gardening Jobs for May, featuring products customers will be wanting to buy this month.
  1. Prune out frost damage from affected evergreen shrubs
  2. Divide clumps of herbaceous perennials, bamboos and clumps of bulbs
  3. Train and tie sweet peas and other climbing plants such as clematis and honeysuckle to their supports
  4. Start planting up hanging baskets
  5. Keep hanging baskets, pots and troughs well watered
  6. Use a stiff brush or pressure washer to remove algae from paths
  7. Use a half-moon edging iron to make a 3 inch gutter around the edge of the lawn to prevent grass from creeping into borders.
  8. Sow the following crops if conditions are fine:  lettuce, spinach, rocket, radish, watercress, cauliflower, cabbage, brussels sprouts, french beans, runner beans
  9. Plant out bedding plants towards the end of the month, providing frosts are no longer a problem.

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