Garden Trends for 2014

Gardening Trends for 2014

The Garden Media Group’s “2014 Garden Trend Report” proves interesting reading for those of us in the home and garden retail sectors.  It reports on rising global and market trends, and provides indicators as to how consumers are likely to spend their money during 2014.  You can download it for free here.  We’ve listed below some of the most interesting findings, which we hope will be of help to you.

  1. outdoor_rattan_furniturePeople will be spending more leisure time outside.  Along with their BBQ’s, patio furniture and chimneas, they will be looking for small accessories to decorate their “outdoor rooms”.  Items such as outdoor solar lighting, decorative bird feeders, outdoor clocks, candle holders, outdoor scatter cushions and outdoor games will be in demand.
  2. Wildlife gardens will be on the increase.  Gardens will be less regimented, and wild flowers will be introduced to the garden border.  With the global decline of the honey bee, and general concern about the decline of native insect species, consumers will be planting pollinating plants to encourage the survival of such crucial insects.   The centenary of the outbreak of World War 1 will also prompt a massive increase in the planting of the wild poppy during 2014.
  3. Gardeners will continue to grow more vegetables than flowers.  Vegetables will continue to be planted as the “grow your own” trend continues.  The emphasis is likely to be on “super foods” such as kale, and on growing food for “taste”, so expect to see more people growing sweet fruits and hot chillis.
  4. Drink your garden.   With the increase in popularity of juicing, and its health benefits, consumers will be planting leafy vegetables and fruits such as strawberries and blueberries, which are suitable for juicing.
  5. Colour Blocking Just as the fashion industry in 2013 was all about colour blocking, so it will be in the gardening industry.  Bold areas of one colour will be on the rise for ultimate impact.
  6. Mixing up of styles.  Garden designers will be implementing geometric shapes, solid colour splashes, mixtures of textures and species. Wild flowers will be planted alongside cultivated plants, and white flowers will continue to be popular.
  7. Turning scraps into compost.  As the need to reduce landfill and desire to upcycle and recycle continue to rise, more consumers will be composting their left overs and feeding their soil.  Health soil = healthy vegetables = healthy people.
  8. Small Spaces.  Urban dwellers and new build houses tend to have smaller gardens, so people will be gardening in smaller spaces.  Expect growth in sales of plant containers, grow bags, small patio sets and small lean-to greenhouses.




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