10 Kingfisher products to help prepare the garden for Winter

There’s still time to get out in the garden and get cracking with those last minute jobs before the Winter sets in. These jobs mostly mean having a a good tidy up and protecting plants so they survive the long cold months to come. Here are 10 Kingfisher products to help with those tasks:

Make quick work of the fallen leaves with a jumbo rake.

Transport fallen leaves and other debris with a heavy duty garden refuse bag, or a super special pop up garden bin with carry handles.

Tackle any messy or tough garden job with these heavy duty leather gloves

Transport rubbish quickly and easily with a traditional metal wheelbarrow, or a 4-wheel tipping action garden cart.

Be environmentally friendly and compost your garden and kitchen waste with a stylish composter box.

Protect plants with a fleece frost protection cover.

Dispose of garden waste quickly and safely with a steel incinerator.

Not enough space for a garden shed?  Store your tools safely and securely in a weatherproof garden  storage box.


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