10 April Gardening Jobs

Despite the wet and windy start, April is the time when gardeners and allotment owners will be itching to be outside.  With the planting season well under way, there is never a shortage of gardening jobs to be done in April.  Below are just 10 of those jobs, along with some ideas of the products people will be wanting to buy this month.

1  Sow hardy annuals in pots.  In mild areas, these can be sown directly outside.

2  Plant out young plants of hardy annuals that were sown in February/March

3  Sow sweet peas outside.  Plant out Autumn-sown sweet peas and make wigwam supports

4  Apply general fertiliser to borders and beds

5  Hoe borders to keep weeds at bay

6  Pot on potbound plants

7  Put out bug boxes/insect hotels to encourage beneficial insects

8  Hang sticky traps among plants to catch whitefly and other pests

9  Keep fleece at hand to cover plants if frost is forecast

10 Rake out dead grass from lawns



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