Brightening Up with Winter Lighting

January can be a pretty bleak time of the year. Not only is it bitterly cold and, in this case this year, really snowy, the credit card bills from Christmas start to roll in and people tend to feel pretty down. It’s hardly surprising that January is nobody’s favourite time of year. Once the initial New Year cheer has started to fade, it’s back to reality big time.

These are just some of the reasons why, at this time of year, home comforts are hugely important to everyone and they help us all get though the bleaker months of the year. Pretty outdoor lighting is a great way to spread a bit of cheer during the cold, dark winter months for your customers. Have a look at our extensive range of outdoor lighting on our website.

A real favourite when it comes to lighting here at Bonnington Plastics is our range of Traditional Victorian Lanterns. This range is similar to the lights that line London’s Chelsea Embankment and add a real touch of class to wherever they are placed. Whether your customers fancy going for a single Victorian Wall Lantern or feel like going all the way and having a range of Three Head Victorian Outdoor Lights, this style is definitely one that will appeal to a very wide demographic of people. Older customers will appreciate the traditional look that the Victorian style offers while younger customers will be looking for a touch of class! The look these lights give also transcends really well into the spring and summer months of the year, where the good weather and pretty nights will make people more inclined to stay outdoors.

This look is just one that we really like and think could definitely work well for your shop! Be sure to view our website and have a gander at our other ranges. There will definitely be something to appeal to everyone!

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