Catering for the Christmas Rush

One of the biggest topics when it comes to the Christmas period is catering. Families and friends will hold large gatherings where lengthy communal meals take central place. Since the majority of Christmas planning is about gifts, venues, and attendance, it’s actually fairly late in the season when consumers begin to plan their dinners in force.

Retailers need to capitalize on this during the winter period, and start stocking products for the inevitable rush. Wisest is to stock a variety, considering the variety of meals that will be taking place. Plastic and paper plates are a must for any variety of party, considering the widespread reluctance to expose good tableware to busy environments. Plastic cutlery and glasses keeps things safe and casual, while allowing customers to feed a great number of people without hefty investment.

For the more restrained affair, we stock premium catering products in bulk, including champagne glasses and silverware, allowing people to cater large, sit-down meals on a fair budget. Also consider stocking a variety of tupperware, since customers will likely need somewhere to store their leftovers after serving them.

Bonnington Plastics provide everything a retailer needs to keep customers supplied for all circumstances through the Christmas holidays. As a reputable wholesaler, we can help you take advantage of the Christmas rush as effectively as possible, maximizing your exposure and profits.

Explore our deals and catering range today to see if we’re the right wholesaler to supply you in the coming months, and remember to stay prepared for the festive period.


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