The Great Kingfisher Cook Off!

It’s not just gardening that we’re into at Kingfisher House.  This week we’re cooking up a storm with this brand new promotion on wholesale catering supplies.  Included in the promotion are baking accessories, cooking utensils and foil consumables.  The promotion ends 7th September so be quick so you don’t miss out.

These items represent just a small snap shot of the entire Kingfisher catering range of products which is so extensive, it fills a whopping 23 categories on the Bonnington Plastics website.  Take a look at them all here.

Whatever your bulk catering requirements, we are sure you will find it in the extensive list of items we have to offer at the guaranteed great Kingfisher price.   Take a look – you’d be surprised at just how massive the range is, from paper tableware, foil baking dishes, plastic, polystyrene and paper plates and cups, cutlery, food storage boxes and bags to napkins, banqueting rolls and plastic wine glasses.





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