Make the Most of Spring with Deluxe Bird Feeders

Fortunately for retailers, bird feeding is actually a year round pursuit. There may be less birds around, but feeding them becomes a considerably more competitive enterprise. In the spring, consumers hope to attract a wider variety of visitors, and employ a wider range of feeders and accessories to achieve this.

If you’re looking to appeal to that portion of the public who share a true enthusiasm for bird feeding, there are plenty of slightly more expensive, yet still affordable, bird feeders to supply this spring. In particular, we’re referring to our Kingfisher branded Deluxe Feeder range.

These range from £1.88 to £5.00 in price, assuming that you’re buying in cartons. At the lower end, you’ll be able to buy standard nut feeders, where the most expensive products include hanging feeder trays for mealworm. In the mid-range, customers can expect to find specialised feeders suited for holding sunflower seed, nyjer seed and suet cakes. Each attracts different varieties of bird, so consumers who take feeding seriously are a safe bet for making multiple sales, particularly if you’re marketing correctly.

Every product in the deluxe range features stainless steel construction, making them both sturdy, attractive, and particularly easy to clean. Spring poses the most risk to birds in terms of bacteria and disease on their feeders, so this more than justifies the expense to many consumers.

As ever, feel free to contact us at any time with questions and queries, and a member of the Bonnington Plastics team will be more than happy to help.

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