Help Keep the Birds Fed in the Snow

It’s been absolutely freezing here in the UK and the snows has caused all sorts of chaos up and down the country – But think how those poor little Birds feel. With such heavy frost, deep snow and fewer feet on our grounds, it’s much harder for the little creatures to scavenge for the food they need. Their food intake is also particularly important at this time of year.

Now is a great time to invest in some Bird Accessories for you to supply to your customers. The view of little birds trying to forage for food along with that of gardens looking picturesque and pretty in the snow will inspire your customers to be a little more creative with the accessories they have in their gardens.

We stock some great Bird Baths, Bird Tables and Bird Hotels here at Bonnington Plastics that will spruce up gardens as well as give our wildlife the feed that really need at this time of year. Check out our wooden Bird Boxes and Deluxe Bird Boxes. These will definitely appeal to a very wide demographic of customers. Our Deluxe Nesting Box comes in a lovely shade of brown and is the perfect size to house the chirping little creatures as well as give them a bit of a feed and they’re also really easy to hang up – Attributes that make for happy customers and happy sellers!

Our Traditional Bird Tables are also very appealing. Bigger than the Bird Boxes, they attract a wide range of wild birds and look great in the garden. They have a sturdy tripod base and angled roof for protection of the birds and are also really easy to assemble.

It would also be a really good idea for you to tie in the selling of bird food with the various Bird Tables, Bird Boxes and other accessories that you will no doubt sell in abundance. We stock a Bird Food Palette that offers you a really good deal so be sure to have a look at that as well as all of our attract Bird accessories for the garden. They will definitely sell well together.

Happy Feeding!

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