Keep the Birds fed in the Cold Weather with Bonnington Plastics

It’s important to make sure we take a bit of extra care in the winter months. We may like to see the birds bobbing along our lawns every morning but we need to make sure that they stay in good health and have access to a range of food.

Heavy frosts, rain and snow make it that bit harder for birds to get fed the food and nutrients they need that are particularly important during the winter months, We have a lot of different foods for birds here at Bonnington Plastics. Make sure you do your bit and your customers will be able to feed the birds!

We sell a wide range of Kingfisher Standard Feeders that come in a different range of colours and shapes. The feeders also resemble the shapes of lanterns so they look great in the garden – Pretty and they serve a big purpose!

We also have in stock several different kinds of Fat Balls, something which the birds can’t get enough of, as well as nuts and a wide range of seeds.

Help keep those birds fed and help your customers to help!

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